(Kinda) New In: (We can) Slay All Day Setting Spray – Gerard Cosmetics

Slay All Day.Now if the name alone didn’t make you hand over your money immediately maybe this will. I am one for experimenting with my setting sprays, usually sticking to what I know with MAC Fix+ (100ml, £17.50, MAC) my favourite so far, so when I saw that Gerard Cosmetics had bought out this uniquely named one I was almost first in line.

There are five different scents to choose from (100ml, £12.50, Beauty Bay);
Lavender, Peach, Jasmine, Lemongrass and the one which I went for Green Tea.
All of which are cruelty-free, always a big bonus.

The product itself has great reviews on the Beauty Bay website which is the main reason why I purchased the product, there’s no better selling point than customers feedback. Gerard Cosmetics themselves say that the spray is formulated to control the amount of oil production throughout the day whilst also ensuring that makeup does not look ‘cakey’ or settle into fine lines or pores on the face, in turn promoting a natural finish for any make up look.

The first time I tried this product I must say I was slightly suprised, the scent is very strong and it is NOT just Green Tea. This particular bottle also contains a Ginger scent, luckily I love anything spice scented but if you don’t I would not go for this one at all. It does say on the inside bottle that Ginger is also in the bottle but on the website aswell as the outer packaging it only says Green Tea, this is something I think they should change as it could be seen as a bit misleading.

As I was saying the scent itself is very strong, not that this is a bad thing but I imagine if you have sensitive skin this could cause you a problem. I also noticed that throughout the day I would every so often get a whiff of the product. Great in terms of staying power of the product, and yes my makeup does seem to stay put longer when this is on, but not so good in the fact that you have a ginger scent on your face throughout the day.

Overall I think this is a brilliant product from Gerard and it encourages me to try out more of their products. The spray definitely ensures you can ‘Slay All Day’ and next time I think I may try and more welcoming scent than Ginger, as it’s not the best scent if you fancy a good smooch.

Have you tried any of the other scents? Do you find the scent seems to really stick around and which would you recommend I try next time?

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8 thoughts on “(Kinda) New In: (We can) Slay All Day Setting Spray – Gerard Cosmetics

  1. I love that setting spray. I have the same scent. Bit what I don’t like from Gerrard are they matte liquid lipsticks. I have coral shade and it is horrible, patchy and messy. Nice post!

    1. I’ve never tried any of their other make up products so thanks for the information! I’ve recently bought the jasmine scent for when this one runs out. I am obsessed x

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