Copper Tipped, White Geometric Black Nails

Now I’m going to be completely honest, these nails are slightly amateur as I’ve had to do some of my own nail art. The client before me couldn’t decide between an array of glitters, eating into my appointment. I’m not one to dwell upon the negative but it did mean there was no time for nail art, boo.

After looking on Pinterest, as I always do before my nail appointments I’d decided I wanted a black and white geometric nail with a dash of glitter. Let’s be honest glitter is life. Due to the situation just mentioned, there wasn’t enough time for nail art. However, my nail tech did show me these gorgeous copper foils which she could add onto the end of the nail to add something extra. Like a magpie to tin foil, I agreed.

After getting home, I wasn’t happy with my nails. I’m not one for simple nails, as I’m sure if you’ve seen my nail art from the past,  I love something extra and the foil just wasn’t cutting it. As soon as I got home, I cracked out my gel nail varnish and UV light and got to work.

I created an amass of white lines on my nail and outlined it, to give myself something extra. No, it isn’t the cleanest of lines, or even the most pigmented of lines, but hey I tried. It made me feel so much better about the overall look of them. I think the clashing of the geometric with the flowing copper foil looks interesting.

What do you think?


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