Holographic Dotty Unicorn Nails

There’s really no other way to describe them, they’re up there with one of my favourite nail creations ever.

As I mentioned previously, I’m back to my natural nails and I just have gel on them. I did lose a couple of nails this week, so they have been given a helping hand with a bit of acrylic, but overall they’ve done so well!

I knew for a fact my nail salon had the holographic powder in, but I knew I didn’t want this on every single nail – as I’m sure you’ve gathered I’m not a mono-nail kinda gal.

I was going through the different colours and came across this gorgeous fuschia pink with reflects of blue in it, PERFECT. On the same colour wheel they also had this ‘lots of dots’ topcoat which I though would look super cute faded into the pink.

And boy, was I right! I absolutely look this nail look and I hope you do too!

Love, always.


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