Dripping in Liquid Chrome

‘Highlight on fleek’ – the three words than any girl knows mean their makeup looks good, especially if their boyfriend says it.

I’ve been after a ‘wet-looking’ chrome finish highlighter for some time and I’ll be honest, I went into my local Superdrug hoping that the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters were in store.

Unfortunately, they weren’t but I did find these amazing Liquid Chrome’s from Barry M (£6.99 each, Superdrug). There’s a total of five highlighters to choose from, all the way from cool to warm tones and even a unicorn style one.

I went for ‘At First Light’ which is a gorgeous pinky-hued chrome with a cool toned finish – and I haven’t put it down since.

Now, I did originally have a bit of an issue with the application of this product.

It comes, as you can see, in a dropper format and it’s very liquidy.

I put on my makeup as normal, powders and all and then applied this with the fingers, dabbing it onto the face.

It went very very blotchy, and I tried to save it with a beauty blender but it didn’t work at all.

So, after asking your guys’ opinions on Twitter (@beccapbeauty), I got a lot of good advice.

Next time, I applied all my cream products- foundation, concealer, cream bronzer and then applied the liquid chrome from the dropper onto the areas that I want the reflection and then dab it in with my fingers. It worked like a dream and not a day has gone by where this hasn’t been applied to my face.

As you can see from the swatch below, it’s literally like a metal reflection and you can make it natural or really amp it up for the full monty.

Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this product enough, it’s really perfect and it seems to last all day long. You could ever put a powder highlight over the top to really up the anti.

I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for the Makeup Revolution ones, but if they’re still not in store – this is an amazing dupe (I assume).

Do you use any liquid highlighters? I’d love any recommendations!

Love, always.


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3 thoughts on “Dripping in Liquid Chrome

  1. After reading this review I am defo going to get this, I was looking at getting the Iconic London drops but I just cant justify spending that much money!! xx

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