Battle of the Empties: Body Moisturisers

There’s nothing I love more than a moisturiser, as you’ll guess from this empties haul and I find I have different ones for different seasons. I mean, a rich luxurious body butter in the Summer isn’t really what I’m looking for. As I’ve collected a few, I decided to give you some knowledge about them […]

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Battle of the Empties: Shower Gel

I’ve been saving my empties for a little too long now and the fact I’ve got to the point where I’m going to have to make a series says something. I need to get rid, so there’s space for more makeup and beauty items right?! And so I decided to do a series in sections […]

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All Used Up #1: Make Up, Hair & Body.

There’s nothing more satisfying than using up an entire product, so here I’m showing you what I’ve used up and which of these products I would purchase again or pass on. There’s a ¬†mixture of everything in this post, so we’ll start with body, hair, skincare and then make up. I hope you enjoy this […]

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