Being Cosy Matters

I honestly don’t think that you should ever feel uncomfortable in whatever you wear and that doesn’t mean, don’t wear heels that hurt (although you really shouldn’t). What I mean is, whatever you wear you should feel the best version of you and not feel conscious or like people will judge you. I can guarantee […]

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Summer is Coming

A little bit of sun and I feel like the whole country goes into Summer mode, well I know that I do. I live for the warmer months and in turn, glowy and bronzed makeup. Seen as we’ve had the teeniest bit of sunshine, I thought I’d show you my current go to makeup that’s […]

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All 12 Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

I’m an extremely lucky lady to have been sent the whole 12 piece lipstick range of the brand new Rouge Velvet lipsticks from Bourjois thanks to Influenster. These lipsticks come in a great range of nudes, brights and bolds and you can find them at your local high street store (£8.99, Feel Unique). The lipsticks […]

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