How To Get The Victoria’s Secret Glow

Every single year when the Victoria Secret Fashion Show comes along, all I can dream about is pink toned, glowy makeup. It’s natural, glam and girly – all at the same time. After seeing the recent New York show, I decided to recreate the look for all of you guys, with products that you probably […]

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The Ultimate Lazy Girls Subtle Smoky Eye

My go-to eye makeup is probably a subtle smoky eye. You know the kind I mean? Messy, dishevelled and not too dark. Basically, I just whack a colour all over the eyes and call it a thing – but hey if it works for me, it’ll also work for you. For today’s look I wanted […]

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OMG – Affordable Amazing False Nails From Primark?!

Recently I’ve become a little bit addicted to falsies. They’re so easy to apply, last around a week and give you that ‘nail salon manicure’ look without the price tag. Another great thing about them is that they don’t chip and they aren’t as harsh on the nails. I recently purchased the Elegant Touch nails […]

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