Funky Jumper Week

When it’s cold outside, we all like to get cosy in our jumpers. Be them knitted, plain, patterned or fancy – there’s no excuse for them not being funky. This week I’ve got you covered. From wolf faces, to super cute hearts and the ultimate super sequin jumper (an all time fave). I’m really sorry […]

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Hair That Never Grows? Pssst, I’ve got the secret..

I’ve been growing my hair since I was 16. Yes, that’s nearly 9 years I’ve been growing my hair. At a certain length it just seems to stop and say.. ‘nope, that’s it. I’m done’. However, in the past 6 months I’ve changed my hair routine. Finally, it’s started to grow that little bit extra […]

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The Bucket List Tag

Big thank you and shout out to the gorgeously beauiful Alaska for tagging me in this post, you should go and check her out she has some amazing beauty posts! This tag is very simple, the rules are: Write the rules in your post Thank the person who tagged you Write ten things that you wish […]

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