Me Time Manicure

It’s been such a super busy week and I realised that I haven’t really taken any ‘me’ time. Which may I say, is important to have in whatever form. I wanted to take some time to pamper myself and decided that as I haven’t had my nails painted all year, it was probably time to […]

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Funky Jumper Week

When it’s cold outside, we all like to get cosy in our jumpers. Be them knitted, plain, patterned or fancy – there’s no excuse for them not being funky. This week I’ve got you covered. From wolf faces, to super cute hearts and the ultimate super sequin jumper (an all time fave). I’m really sorry […]

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All I Need is My Birthday Suit – Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Review

I’m gonna go ahead and put it straight out there. I’m always very skeptical of products bought out by YouTubers and bloggers alike (if they aren’t make up artists by trade). I know that’s completely irrational because they know makeup inside and out  but it’s the truth I’m afraid. Lines such as Tanya Burr herself […]

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