Let’s Talk Body Acne – There’s No Need to be Ashamed

I feel like body acne is something everyone is embarrassed to talk about and there’s no reason why it should be this way. Maybe it’s because we can cover acne on our faces with makeup and there’s nothing we can really do to hide that it’s there. Body acne, we can wear certain clothes to […]

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 PurOrganica Skincare РIs it any Good?

I’m always on the hunt for great skincare. My skin recently hasn’t know whether it wants to be dry, oily, spotty or clear and quite frankly, it’s doing my head in. In an aid to correct my skin I researched into products to help with all of these things and decided to try out a […]

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All Used Up #2: Skincare/Beauty

The last time I did one of these was waaaaay too long ago, I have probably actually used up more than this but not thought to keep it. I definitely need to purchase an ’empties only’ bin. Nevertheless, I will give you my opinions on these used up products and whether I would repurchase. B. […]

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