Bubblegum Lips

Back when I was a teenager, a bubblegum pink lip was my go-to. Especially if it ‘chalked’ out my lips a little – oh those were the days right!? These days, I still enjoy a pink lip, but I tend to lean towards the more muted slightly brown-toned ones. As I assume most of us […]

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Forgotten Gems From the Stash

There’s so much makeup around these days that I personally find that I’ll buy stuff from the shops without even thinking – do I already have something like this? 90% of the time, yes. Yes I do. For this makeup look I decided to use some of my old favourites and products that I rarely […]

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My Current Go-To Makeup – Berry Lips

It’s that weird stage of the year where it’s no longer Winter, but it’s not quite Spring. It’s still chilly but the sun is shining. When it comes to everyday makeup, you’re not sure whether it’s yet acceptable to go completely bronzed and glowing. You’re also not sure if it’s time to put the dark […]

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